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The company's offer includes the production and regeneration of different types of forms.
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Orizzonte Polska offers services in the production and regeneration of a wide range of stamps.
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Our company beyond regeneration and production also offers other products.
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Multi size mould with hydraulic releasing system

Orizzonte has developed an innovating system for grids and liners clamping on the mould frames. The "hydraulic releasing system" allows to replace grids or liners on mould frames directly on moulds already placed on the press in very short time. Taking oil into the circuit, is possible to execute different operations with extreme facility. The pistons that block the grid come back allowing the removal of the same without taking off screws or other locking parts. Removing pressure in the circuit, the thrust springs release the pistons that perfectly block the new grid taking again the system in his normal condition of "closed". As it is possible to release the grid only voluntarily putting pressure in the circuit, the system is considerate "normally closed" and this guarantee the absolute safety.